autumnal excitement

Hi there!

It's october, horaay! October is one of my favourite months for so many reasons but in particular because it's one month closer to chirstmas. I know. I'm obsessed. It also means I can buy 145932 jumpers and not feel as guilty because I **need** them now it's getting colder (ahem, that's just what I like to tell myself anyway). I've seen a couple of other bloggers upload similar autumnal excitement posts and took inspiration from them when I was writing this. Here are some of the things I want to do this autumn:

-carve a pumpkin (okay I guess this doesn't really fit with the entire season of autumn but for halloween I tend to get a little competitive (read: overexcited) when it comes to pumpkin carving)

-take more photographs for fun! I seem to be forever taking photos for my blog or photography a level but I really just want to take lots of me and my friends or just general life stuff to look back on 
-go for a walk when it's cold and not complain that I'm too cold (this will may be tricky as my body temperature is usually -73829 degrees)
-keep my room tidy for at least one week
-go to the cinema with my friends and get pick n mix
-walk through brown and red leaves in some ankle boots because this seems like a very pinterest thing to do
-organise my life (may take a while but I'm going to give it a go)

Let me know what you're looking forward to/hoping to get up to this autumn. In other non relevant news I've bought quiteeee a few new clothing items recently (I couldn't resist, I promise I tried) so was thinking of doing either a haul or just posting ootds? I'm leaning more towards the latter but just let me know which you would prefer! Happy weekend everyone!

Charlotte x


  1. Autumn is my favourite! I love it for the fashion,hot drinks, Halloween and ah I can't wait to do my autumn/winter clothes shopping! X

    1. ahh same! autumn is hands down the best season for fashion! x

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