The pink coat

Yesterday someone told me that I looked like candyfloss when I was wearing my new coat and I'm going to take this as a compliment. Candyfloss aside I think I am in love with this coat from Topshop which I picked up a just after christmas with some vouchers I recieved from family as presents. It's the perfect pastel pink colour in a gorgeous fluffy material that I think looks so adorable. I love wearing this piece and clashing it with other textured materials like my mohair jumper which is probably my favourite outfit at the moment (and very warm for waiting at bus stops in the morning!) 

My only issue with this coat is that the buttons are not attached amazingly well and the stiches can be seen on the coat (only a minor detail) but apart from that I'm planning to wear it for the entire spring season! I picked mine up in a size 6 and because of the style of the coat it fits perfectly to look over sized and more casual. At £89 it's not the cheapest design around but I love it so much that I' was 100% willing to pay.

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  1. I've wanted a coat like this for so long - it's lovely! Your blog is amazing and I've followed on bloglovin! I look forward to more posts! I'd love for you to check out mine too:

    1. aw I think they still have them in Topshop so definitely get yourself one if you can, it's so lovely! Thank you so much! And of course, I'll have a read now :) x