'Tis the season to be jolly

Hi guys!

Last month I wrote a post including all my favourite autumnal pinterest pictures and rambling about how much I loved autumn leaves and my excitement for christmas. Yep, it was pretty much just me spilling all of my child like excitements and fantasies for the colder months onto my laptop keyboard but it was nice to write a chattier and more relaxed post so thought I'd continue it this month!

It's quite possible that I am the only teenager in the country who started shamelessly dancing around my room listening to christmas music half way through September and re pinning all things festive to my pinterest boards (sorry to anyone who follows me for this..) but I might just be exceeding the excitement limits of a small child at the thought of santa and his sleigh in only 37 days eeekk. Yes it may only be half way through November, yes I'm probably 'too old' to get this excited for Christmas (In my opinion you are never too old!) but I just can't help feeling ridiculously happy at the thought of Home Alone on the telly, xmassy nail art and best of all mince pies! 

I'm hoping to get back into regular posting soon but college work is drowning me a little at the moment (sixth form is 100% taking over my life) so taking photographs for my blog has been a little difficult as it's dark when I get home which is definitley one of the downsides to Winter, booo :(

Let me know in the comments what you're most looking forward to this winter!



  1. I'm actually listening christmas music right now! (Christmas Mr Buble haha) I'm sooooo excited for christmas (and have been since September too!) iceskating, Winter Wonderland, the tree! I'm getting excited just thinking about it :)

    Lovely post!

    isabella ♥


    P.S Merry (early) Christmas! Haha x

    1. ahh you sound just like me haha! Thank you! <3 x

  2. What a lovely post! Definitely going to pinch a couple of these ideas hehe ;) the lights and cards look so pretty and I will have to try making those cute little gingerbread men! xx

    1. Thank you! Awh let me know if you make the cookies haha :) x